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Reggie Ready to Pick Up a Split

Reggie Miller was in town for a little bowling at a Peyton Manning event. He rolled a gutter ball when updating his NBA comeback plans, though.

The NBA's career leader in 3-pointers tried to dodge reporters' questions about his possible return on Tuesday as he attended Peyton Manning's charity bowling tournament, saying he wanted to talk about the Super Bowl MVP and his event.

Eventually, though, Miller acknowledged no decision was imminent.

"I'm in shape to bowl," Miller joked. "But I don't even know what I'm going to do."
Rik Smits weighed in on Reggie's comeback bid, using some rare Dutch sociological formula to calculate a prediction.
Miller isn't saying, but former Pacers teammate Rik Smits believes there's a 65% chance Miller suits up this season.

"I think if his body holds up after a month or so of practice to get ready for training camp, I think he can do it," Smits said. "Part of it's mind-set, part of it's physical. He'd be a guy who could do it and probably still be able to contribute."
Of course, the margin of error on Rik's calculation depends on the quantity of bowling alley pitchers consumed.