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Kareem Rush Ready to Push Dunleavy

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Here's a nice story on Kareem Rush and the journey that brought him to Indiana. A trip through the minor leauges in Europe humbled and matured Rush, but didn't knock down his confidence when it comes to playing in the NBA.

When you can't deliver on the Bobcats with as much talent as Rush has, some personal inventory is in order. It may have seemed like he was in exile last season, but that's not the case. Had he not signed his four-month contract with Lietuvos Rytas in January, he probably would've caught on with an NBA squad. Winding up in Europe offered him a chance to reflect on his career to date under much more different circumstances, and helped mold the new attitude he brings into his second stint in the league.

"It's like when you're in college and you start as a freshman, and all of a sudden you're a junior and senior, and you become a leader of the team. It's the same thing here," Rush said. "I'm five years deep, 26 years old. I have a family now. I think I've become a better player and a better man over the years."
We know Rush can shoot it and it sounds like he has his sights set on Mike Dunleavy's starting spot at shooting guard. Hopefully, Mike D has a great camp, but Rush still beats him out. That would mean Rush is healthy, in shape, and of course, making shots. I hate hearing about resting an Achilles' tendon and not being in game shape due to the nagging injury. Pacer players of late always seem to have these lovely little nagging injuries that flare up. At least Rush is working his way back into the League so he should be plenty motivated to do everything in his power to rehab and get healthy.