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2007-08 Schedule Set for Pacers

The 2007-08 schedule is out for the Pacers and along with it another indication that the Pacers have no juice heading into the season. Only three games are schedule for "National TV" and I use quotes because I don't consider NBA TV to be truly national. It's a premium channel, which means I can't go anywhere in the U.S. and expect to see those games.

The good thing about it is the Pacers will have to earn any respect they get this year. That's not a bad thing with a Jim O'Brien type of coach in place. A coach who will be demanding but mix in motivation and encouragement to get the best out of his players.

The Pacers start the season at home on Halloween against the Wizards. They stay at home for their second game against the Heat on November 2nd. Other key dates:

  • The Utah Jazz visit on November 17th. The Jazz? Cornrows, Jr. has a thing for Deron Williams so his only visit of the year will require a family outing. If anyone can hook me up so the boy can actually meet Deron Williams, PLEASE let me know. You'd be making young dreams come true.

  • The Lakers follow-up the Jazz on November 20th. Could J.O. be making a triumphant return or will he be showcasing his game to entice a trade later in the year?

  • Memphis and Mike Conley, Jr. visit Conseco on January 2nd.

  • Consecutive games over four days against Golden State, January 13 at GS and then back home on January 16. Austin Croshere may be joining Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington for those games. Maybe by January the Dubs will pick up Fred Jones and it will be one big reunion party.

  • Ronnie and the Kings are in town January 20th.

  • Portland and another local legend, Greg Oden, come to Conseco on February 9th.

  • Kevin Durant introduces himself to Indy when the Supes visit on March 11th.
Conley, Oden, and Durant have instantly made three more teams come to town with some buzz. Visits in recent years by the Grizzlies, Blazers, and Supes have been less than inspiring. Now, if only the Pacers could generate a little excitement of their own.