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Why Do NBA Players Visit Indy?

Let's face it, your average NBA player doesn't roll through Indy just for kicks. So, if any player has been linked to a trade rumor, they better let the authorities know about their visit and why they are in town. Otherwise, the Internets will turn a sighting into an imminent trade involving the Pacers.

Back in early July, after Kobe Bryant stirred up his trade demands, there was plenty of talk about Jermaine O'Neal heading out to L.A. for several players. One of the players mentioned was Kwame Brown. So, when Kwame showed up courtside at a Indiana Fever game, the message boards buzzed with speculation that he must be here to meet with LJL and help finalize a deal. As if players actually meet with teams prior to a big trade. In fact, meeting prior to a trade would be tampering. But why else would Kwame just happen to be at Conseco in July? Oops, turns out Kwame had ankle surgery and he was in town for a follow-up visit with the surgeon. Pfffffffft.

Fast forward to the past few days. The message boards are again, abuzz with sightings of Richard Jefferson and Nenad Krstic. Along with the Lakers, the Nets are the most likely suitors for J.O. Of the players involved in rumored deals, Jefferson and Krstic are usually included. The players were seen togther at at the airport and at Circle Center. Why else would they be in Indy on a nondescript week in August? A deal has to be imminenet, right? Well, not exactly. Seems 1999 Mr. Basketball and North Central High hoop wiz, Jason Gardner, was getting married this weekend. Gardner played alongside Jefferson at Arizona and he invited his old teammates to celebrate all weekend. So, did Jefferson have Krstic tag along or did those posters "reporting" the sighting take any tall white guy to be Krstic. I'll bet on the latter.

Hey, if the Pacers are going to deal J.O., at least one of the players mentioned in these rumors will probably be involved. Maybe Jefferson was in town scouting things out while visiting an old college buddy. I just found it hilarious how a player sighted around town can stir up a frenzy of rumors and "insider" talk trying to jump out ahead of the story. Doesn't take long for the big, bloated bubble of speculation to be burst with a couple of simple facts.