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J.O. and Reg Still Talk of the Town

Don't miss Bruno's latest edition of Caught in the Web. He pulls out a quote from J.O. right after the season and compares it to his comments in L.A. last weekend.

Jermaine O'Neal on April 19, in his year-end press conference at Conseco Fieldhouse:
"The biggest thing I want to sit down and figure out is, which way are we going? If we're going the route where we want to develop younger guys, then I love what this city has done for me and my family but it gets to a point where I would rather have them go get younger pieces to play together."

Jermaine O'Neal on Aug. 5, in Los Angeles:
"If (the Pacers) are trying to rebuild, then maybe it's better to go get some younger pieces for me so they can grow with their young guys. I just told them I just can't be in a rebuilding mode right now. I can't go through that because physically it's going to wear on me too much to do that."

The difference? Location, location, location.
Sometimes, what you think you hear depends on what you WANT to hear. As far as the national media is concerned, the writer's interpretation of J.O.'s remarks are irrefutable. I still hear passing mentions of J.O. begging to get out of Indy. I guess if they go by the actual transcript, the story's not worth talking about.

Bruno also thinks the comeback talk regarding Reggie Miller is simply just talk and backs it up with several points about the player he knows from his many years covering the Pacers. I have to agree with Bruno's assessment. I'll be shocked if Reggie joins the Celts. For one thing, Reg was always a lead-by-example type and despite his game showmanship was not a rah rah guy or extension of the coach. He left that up to guys like Mark Jackson. If he's playing limited minutes his veteran leadership will also be limited.

Reggie seems to have sparked a trend with Charles Oakley and Allan Houston now looking to return to the NBA. Penny Hardaway has already signed with Miami. Funny, I never hear the real reason these guys are looking to get backing the League. What's the real reason, you say? To quote the old sage, Randy Moss, "Straight cash, homey." It takes a lot of work and a lot of jobs to make the kind of cash these guys can pull in the NBA. No, they won't be maxing out deals but they'd do just fine without playing a major role.