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I Like Shawne Williams

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Chekcing in again from my summer vacation and it sounds like summer school has been in session for Shawne Williams for some time now. We'll see how that work has paid off next week when he runs in the summer league games down in Orlando.

Shawne Williams has become my favorite player to follow on the Pacers. No, it is not because I think he'll mature into a franchise-leading player. I still think he can be a solid piece to a great team, but anything past that would be unrealistic. Still, I love the guy for two reasons. One, he can light it up. I'm a sucker for scorers and 3-balls. Shawne (hmmm, dude needs a nickname) offers both, if nothing else. Also, I found it intersting that during his first year, the 19-year old rook was often tabbed as the funniest player on the team during interviews of other Pacers. Takes some guts and savvy to come in at that age and start cracking up the vets. Hopefully, he can entertain Pacer fans on and off the court for many years to come.

Quick Note: Dave from Blazers Edge is at the Las Vegas summer league filing reports. The Pacers don't have a team in Vegas but Dave will have plenty of interesting NBA news including lots on Lawrence North's Greg Oden.