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Pacers Summer Season Begins

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The long climb back happiness, fun and wins in Pacerland begins with a single step. The Pacers take that step today, beginning their rookie/free agent mini-camp in advance of the Pepsi Pro Summer League next week in Orlando. Here is the rookie/free agent roster for camp.

Shawne Williams will practice and play in games next week. He's the only player from last year's roster that will participate fully. It is worth noting that Danny Granger will practice during the camp but won't play in games next week.

Here's what O'B had to say about the three guys signed earlier this week. Sounds like character counts these days. Hopefully talent is factored in there, also.

"I think all three are extremely important to what we're trying to accomplish this year," the coach said. "All three guys bring three things we're looking for. We're looking for good people with high character. We're looking for guys that can space the court with the 3-point shot and guys that are tough-minded and willing to play the type of defense we're looking to play."
We also learned that David Harrison won't participate because he's recovering from shoulder surgery. Just how many shoulders does this guy have? Will he ever be able to "shoulder" the burden of playing in the NBA? I'm past beginning to wonder.