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Pacers Add Some Summer Help

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The Pacers picked up some help for their summer league team with hopes that one or more of the players will stick around for the regular season. The most notable addition is Kareem Rush, a former first round draft pick who spent last year playing in Lithuania and trying to develop a work ethic. In the 2002 draft many thought Rush might be the heir apparent to Reggie Miller. Obviously that was a reach. Maybe the threat of losing his NBA dream and some prodding from O'B will bring the best out of him. I'm not holding my breath.

The Pacers also added Stephen Graham and former Perry Meridian H.S. guard Andre Owens, both of whom have played in the League and other less glamourous basketball outposts. I like taking a flyer on guys who continue to work hard to get back in the NBA. Both Graham and Owens played well in the D-League, so they've earned this shot with the Pacers. You gotta get lucky sometimes and hope to catch a late blooming player, as was the case with Antonio Davis who was 27 before he started making big time contributions. I'd say the Pacers are due for a little good luck.