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Just What Do You Expect from Mike Dunleavy?

Well, the GSoM 2k6-2k7 Report Card for Mike Dunleavy produced a slightly higher grade, D-, than I expected. With all the comedic venom the GSoM gang spews about Dun Dun I can't believe any of them could muster a grade better than an F.

After watching Dunleavy for half a season, he never struck me as that bad a player. His shot is streaky and sometimes he seems to have the yips. So, don't rely on him to be your shooter. The Pacers have obviously made a couple of small moves with that in mind. Dunleavy handles the ball and runs the court better than I expected. In short, he can be a solid role player for an NBA team.

That's where the Dubs' fans lose it. They had high expectations for Dun as a third overall pick and he doesn't have the game for those expecatations. He also doesn't have the game for his current contract, but that doesn't mean he can't be used properly and help make the Pacers better. That's why I like his game, because I'm not expecting anything more out of Dunleavy than to fill a role in the playing rotation.

Plus, hopefully Kareem Rush can bring the Pacers some of this:

If Rush does bring the 3-ball threat and plays heavy minutes then he'll be as underpaid and Dun is overpaid. Maybe Dun will buy Rush a meal or two.

Besides, putting up with Mike D means not worrying about Stephen Jackson anymore. A recent poll on Pacers Digest asked if you'd rather have Jack or Dunleavy right now. Surprisingly, even with the current cynicism surrounding everything the Pacers do, over 80% of respondents would rather have Dunleavy. Good thing because the Pacers are stuck with Dun for a few seasons, but that isn't as bad as it might sound, unless you hear it from the Bay Area.