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Danny Granger Really Likes Drew Brees

Bruno has another sweet installment of Caught in the Web up at We learned that despite James White's availability since being released by San Antonio, there is no room for the high flyer on the Pacers roster. Bruno also links to this interview of Danny Granger on Here's an interesting Q & A item.

RR: I heard you talking outside talking about Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest. What are they really like?

DG: Jermaine is a great guy off the court. He's really down to earth, we play video games with each other, we go on trips together, stuff like that. He is just a really great guy. He really takes pride in showing the younger guys the ropes in the NBA. It is a whole new world in the NBA now and he really tries to help us out, especially with me in my rookie year. So did Stephen Jackson. He really tried to help me out and feel my way through it.
Of course, that's part of the reason Jack was traded to Golden State, because he was "helping" Granger and the other young players learn about life in the NBA. Also, I need to get Danny in my NFL fantasy league since he would take Drew Brees if he had the number one overall pick. I love Brees, but come on, your marked as a straight cash donation if you make that pick.