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Blogosphere Links for Fun

Lighthearted links from around the blogosphere always help move the offseason along. This Fanhouse link includes a covert Youtube clip of J.O., Al Harrington, and (supposedly) Danny Granger arriving at a club. Either they were part of a small, private party or they hit the place when it opened. Whatever, there isn't much in the way of entertainment except for a major league hoochie-hair-flip-Jermaine-you-so-funny moment.

For a little more comedy, the gang at Golden State of Mind are scientifically inclined when it comes to destroying Murphy and Dunleavy, so you know they had to include them in their post-season player grades. First up, Troy Murphy with an overall grade of D+. The comedic comentary is good, but I love the vicious visuals exposing a less than defensive minded Murph. But, let's back up to the picture with Maurice Evans going in for a layup as Murph looks on. Just what exactly are Boom Dizzle and Jason Richardson doing? Looks like their chatting during a timeout. Maybe Maurice was getting in a little practice after the whistle.

As for Murph's time with the Pacers last year, I'd give him a C grade. Maybe a C+ since he wasn't fully healthy. He'd have special games and not so special games, and then just average games which makes for an average overall grade. 11 pointspg and 6 rebspg is C work. Double those numbers and Murph will be heading for the Honor Roll.