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FORMER Pacer Rawle Marshall Arrested

Rawle Marshall was a fun player to watch last year when he found some burn, but he was let go this summer to pursue other free agent opportunities. His inconsistent outside shot didn't fit the O'B mold but maybe there were other issues. Thanks to able at Pacers Digest, we learned today that according to a daily paper in Coldwater, Michigan, Rawle was popped for speeding on I-69 on July 6th. Oh, and of course he'd been hittin' a fatty so he was arrested.

Sorry, I'm fresh out of outrage for moronic NBA caliber players who try to ruin their dreams. To me, the outrage from this little story is the headline: Marshall of the Indiana Pacers, another athlete arrested on I-69

A little research please, Rawle is a FORMER Pacer. Plus, does "another athlete" refer to another unnamed athlete in Rawle's car or has there been a string of arrests of athletes on I-69. Hard to tell since The Daily Reporter wants to charge me $10 to jump to the rest of the story. Uh, I don't think so. I'm sure we'll hear more about this story at some time in the near future. Don't kid yourself though, I'm mentally preparing myself for the "another athlete" reference to implicate Danny Granger or Shawne Williams. Prepare for the worst...