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Larry Joe Legend Addresses Offseason Moves

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At a press conference announcing Travis Diener's signing, LJL took time to address questions about the type of players he's brought in this summer. Namely, players who be questions like: Who? What? and Where will they play?

"We're going to get players, maybe they don't have the biggest names in the league, but they all fit a style coach (Jim) O'Brien wants to play," Bird said during a news conference Monday to announce Diener's signing.

"I think that's what we've done. We feel good that we got the guys that can help us win ball games. We'll see what happens going forward, but I know we've got quality guys, and guys that are going to play hard and do the right job and do the right things in the community."
LJL has made it obvious during his time in the front office that he could care less about public perception or hollow hype. LJL also remained non-commital on whether or not J.O. will be a Pacer next year and was equally evasive in addressing Darrell Armstrong's status with the team. I learned that the contract for Andre Owens is not fully guaranteed so that could make a difference in who stays.

LJL, again, expresses straight up confidence in the direction he's taking the team. He loves his coach and likes the players he is putting in place to take advantage of O'B's style. No one thinks they'll contend for a title next year, even with J.O., but with the rebuilding grind progress can be measured in other ways. Effort, execution, and team chemistry are all markers of moving in a positive direction. Regardles of the expectations from "no name players" on the roster, LJL will be fully accountable if these areas don't improve.