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O'B Happy with New Pacers' Play

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O'B lays out the positives from the Summer Pacers run in the Pepsi Pro League. Kareem Rush (shooting), Andre Owens (point guard play), and Stephen Graham (defense, hustle plays) all did their thing like O'B hoped they would. Those three will be the only new faces from the Summer Pacers to go to the regular season camp.

Larry Joe Legend is still looking for help at point guard but the talent pool is quickly evaporating. Jannero Pargo or a return of Keith McLeod appear to be the likely candidates. No word on D.A. cranking it up for another year. Whatever they do, O'B and LJL are on the same page.

"I'm not going to put words into (president Larry Bird's) mouth, but he's constantly trying to put the best basketball team on the court," O'Brien said. "If that involves signing a free agent, we'll do it. If it involves a trade, we will do that. But his job and my job are to make sure we try to improve the Indiana Pacers and the personnel we have."
Unless the right deal for J.O. breaks through, there isn't much the Pacers can do right now and I get the feeling LJL is willing to take his medicine this year instead of adding a mid-level exception to the payroll which will give the team more flexibility going forward.