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Pepsi Pacers Pound the Nets

Ahh, it is good to be back home, least for a few days. Catching up on the Pacers, looks like the Summers Ps had a solid win against the Nets last night, 90-65.

Andre Owens had another solid game running the show for the Summer Pacers. He certainly got the better of Marcus Williams, which makes his game even more impressive. He had an efficient shooting game and was able to get to the line to make 7 of 8 FTs. Keep shinin', Andre!

Kareem Rush returned to the lineup after sitting out Game 2 with a sore achilles. Rush has played in two games and he's 8 of 10 from 3-land. Now that's showing me something. Aside from the sizzling shooting percentage, I'm impressed by his relatively small number of 3PAs. He's obviously not just jacking it up (no pun intended, Jack) whenever he touches the ball. He's able to get good looks and knock 'em down. At least Rush is brightening up the summer.