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Spurs Take Game 1, Parker Drives Cavs (and ME) Nuts

The NBA Finals are finally underway as the Spurs held down the Cavs, 85-76. Game 1 won't qualify as an instant classic but there were a few items of interest:

  • That was a fresh new Bruce Bowen coat LeBron was wearing last night.

  • Jamaal Tinsley was drafted ahead of Tony Parker. Thanks, Zeke.

  • Looks like defense is still a solid way to win championships. A better reason than bench press and shuttle numbers for Greg Oden to go to Portland.

  • Tinsley ahead of Parker...Tinsley ahead of Parker...Tinsley ahead of Parker...Ugh!

  • Surely, someone will make a few shots in Game 2. I mean, I appreciate the defense but come on, make an open shot.

  • I wonder if Tony Parker would've developed into such a nice player if he were drafted by the Pacers instead of the Spurs. Sure would've been fun to find out.

  • Let's say the Pacers did take Parker (OK, now I'm torturing myself), does Pop take Tinsley? Does Eva take Parker?

  • Don't be fooled, Tim Duncan is a psycho capable of inhumane acts against his fellow man. That quiet, calm demeanor is a show. Someone needs to check his basement for torture chambers and corpses. Oh, and he can hoop like crazy when he gets that sinister glint in his eye.

  • Enjoy the LeBron backlash over the next couple of days.

  • Prepare for big things from LeBron on Sunday night.

  • The Cavs are pesky scrappy. They should've been down by 15-20 at the half and then end up losing by 30, but they never stopped working.

  • Keep an eye out for an infomercial selling the Anderson Varejao floor cleaner. Comes complete with a basketball so you can pretend to drive by Varejao and he'll dive across your kitchen floor. The patented super-bristle hair design will make your Swiffer obsolete.

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