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Lamar Odom Better Step Up His Malcontent Game

Marc Stein's notebook on had an interesting nugget that I missed last week (thanks maragin at Pacers Digest). Stein claims sources close to Lamar Odom indicate he doesn't like hearing his name tied to all of the trade rumors.

But sources close to Odom indicate the 27-year-old would be "quite unhappy" if he's sent to the Pacers in an O'Neal deal ... and that it would take a three-year contract extension from the Pacers (or any team that makes a move for him) to get Odom "on board" with a trade. No word yet on how that might factor into Indy's decision making.

The lanky lefty has two seasons left on his contract after this season runs out, at $13.2 million and $14.1 million. Packaging Odom and Bynum would get the Lakers close to O'Neal's salary-cap number -- $18.1 million if the trade happened before the draft and $19.8 million if it happened after July 1 -- but at least one other low-salaried Laker (such as Sasha Vujacic) would have to be included.

What exactly does "quite unhappy" mean? Maybe he won't show, or he'll show and not give a full effort. Maybe he'll just be an a-hole and cause problems, maybe wreak a little havoc around town after hours.

Yo, Lamar, do whatever you want but you can't shock us with your behavior. Do the names Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson mean anything to you? You'll be out of your league playing the malcontent card around here. Guess what? WE DON'T CARE!

Take your $27 mil and lace 'em up for a couple of years. I can just hear Larry Joe Legend bursting out in laughter when Lamar and his agent tell him he's not happy about the trade, but a three year extension would turn that frown upside down. So, Lamar doesn't want to come to Indy unless they make sure he stays an additional three years. Genius. If the trade does happen, I'd suggest Lamar acts like a pro and earns his contract extension along with some love from the Pacer faithful. Then I'm sure someone around the league will be willing to overpay him.