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O'B Need Not Look Back to Move Forward with Pacers

HoopsHype pointed me to this Boston Globe article with info on Jim O'Brien's covert interview process with the Pacers. Larry Joe Legend just worked the phones with O'B, saving the Simons a few hefty steakhouse bills and keeping prying eyes from pinpointing another coaching candidate. Kind of funny in retrospect when you think about O'B and LJL chatting on the phone while Stan Van Gundy is shown on the evening news marching through the streets of Indy with his wife on the way to, you guessed it, a nice steak dinner with LJL.

With Dick Harter vouching for O'B, LJL certainly didn't make an issue of O'B's departure from Philly. Sounds like the issue is still bother in O'B, though.

The rap was that he had been too arrogant, too uppity, and alienated anyone and everyone in Philadelphia. "Ridiculous," he said. But that was what he heard, and it was out there and needed to be dealt with. "Whether it's justified or not, when you get fired from a job, you have to be concerned about your reputation," O'Brien said. "But there were enough people who were with us in Boston and in Philadelphia who saw us turn things around there.

"I am who I am. I'm not the most charismatic personality. I think it takes at least a year to get to know a person. If that was what was being said in Philadelphia, about alienating people, I would respond, 'I've been in this business for 30 years. Talk to the people who knew me for the other 29.' "
Let it go, O'B. I'm sure it hurts worse because Philly is home, but O'B has a challenging shot at redemption with the Pacers that will allow him to put those demons to rest for good. Take those lessons from the past, but don't look back. It actually doesn't look that bad, anyways. The Sixers stunk before O'B arrived, went to the playoffs in his only full year as coach, and have stunk since he left. Whatever drama transpired, whether from the players, media or both, doesn't change those hard results. In a soft media market like Indy, where no one really cares what the players think right now, a playoff season would make O'B the toast of the town with no questions asked.