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Pacers Start Hunting for Help

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In the draft post-mortem, Larry Joe Legend offers a little insight into where the Pacers might find additional help this summer. Big money free agents are out of the question but there are a couple of options to add a significant role player.

The Pacers don't have enough cap space to sign an expensive free agent. They have their midlevel exception, which is more than $5 million, and a $4 million trade exception acquired during the eight-player deal with Golden State.

"After the draft, everybody looks at their team and they say, 'I need this, I need that,' " Pacers president Larry Bird said. "Now it will start heating up and we'll see what we can do. I expect us to be very active to find the guys coach (Jim) O'Brien feels he needs for this team. (Former coach) Rick (Carlisle) played a different style. We tried to get his type of players. We have a new coach now, so we're going to try and get his style (of players)."
When looking for a shooter, Kareem Rush is mentioned which would be a dicey move at best considering his past. Rush would be a cheap option and if not cheap, please, LJL, pass on the guy. My favorite would be Jason Kapono, a guy I figured would be out of the Pacers salary range. Maybe he just lit it up against the Pacers but if they could sneak him in with the midlevel exception, I'd get out the pom poms to lead the cheers.

I know, I know, cheerleading over Jason Kapono reveals a sad state of affairs for the Pacers. But, hey, if they're going to start moving this thing in the right direction, they gotta start somewhere.