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Sunday Night Tip-Ins

Here are a few items of interest to bring this weekend to a close:

  • Ian Thomsen of is a big fan of the O'B hiring and has some nice quotes from Larry Joe Legend on the direction he intends to lead the Pacers. LJL changed coaches in part to change the culture of the team and refocus on the basics. Interesting comments on J.O. and LJL still mulling their options and very much considering keeping J.O. in Indy.

  • Speaking of J.O., this L.A. Times article mentions the Lakers eyeing Marcus Camby of the Nuggets. Don't think that means J.O. wouldn't still be considered by the Lakers. They actually have enough cap friendly assets to make both deals, although why the Nuggets would trade Camby for Kwame Brown is beyond me. Sure they save two years of salary, but the Nuggs weren't horrible this year and Camby played a strong role in the middle. Certainly wouldn't improve the Nuggs next year. The Lakers 19th overal pick in this year's draft may be the determining factor in whether the Nuggs or Pacers deal with the Lakers. That pick is the only appealing trade filler the Lakers can offer.

  • Speaking of the draft, Jeff from has put together Rookiepedia, which is a sweet wiki dedicated to following information on players and teams leading up to the NBA draft. It's a great resource even if your team doesn't have a draft pick...yet.