We got someone!

After a disappointing couple of hours of checking into the draft I've finally have some good news! We have someone! We traded with the Magic for Stanko Barac. Here's a small write-up of him that I found on

Origin: Spain Position:    C Height: 7-1 Weight: 230         

Barac will be a project if selected. He has a more NBA-ready body than most international big men his age. Barac averaged 13.0 points and 7.1 rebounds per game last season for BC Siroki Prima of the Adriatic League. He has some intriguing skills for a player his size, as he can shoot the occasional 3-pointer and is an excellent ballhandler for a 7-footer. On the down side, he has not shown great stamina and also could use some more strength. He does not appear to be a standout athlete, but he is fundamentally sound.

So, it sounds like a typical Pacer's player. I don't know what we gave for him as the moment.