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Pacers Trade for Stanko Barac

Much thanks to MarkVO327 for the update on Stanko Barac.

I think it goes without saying that the Pacers are taking a flyer on Stanko. The Pacers gave up a 2009 second round pick for Stanko (honestly, I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of typing Stanko). Here are the draft analyses from Draft Express and on, you guessed it, Stanko. Here's Larry Joe Legend's analysis:

"He's a little thin right now but he's able to take you off the dribble, can shoot the ball around the perimeter," Bird said. "He's a very, very good shooter. He's got a nice jump hook around the basket and he can get up and down the court. Hopefully he can gain some weight and get a little stronger but he's got the tools. He's just a little light right now.

"When I take a European player I don't expect it to be one or two years, it could be three or four. I like to get these guys to come over here when they're about 25, 26, 27 years old. They're mature, they've been through all of it, they know what to expect and they're ready to make the jump over. A lot of young guys like to jump into the fray right away and it takes them a few years. I expect when we bring these guys over, they'll be ready to go."
LJL nuked the rumor mill that's been churning with J.O. rumors.
"All these trade rumors that's going on out there, you hear everybody talking about it - it's all bogus," Bird said Thursday night. "Somebody starts it and they keep feeding the fire with it. We're going to look this summer to maybe do something if we get the right deal to make us better. If not, we'll come back with what we have.

"When you're talking to other GMs around the league and you sort of ask them if they're involved in something, most of them say no. We were in a four-team deal one time and I never did talk to L.A. or Boston. I did talk to (Minnesota's) Kevin McHale, maybe he was orchestrating it, I don't know. I heard some things today about trades that were supposed to be going down and talked to the individuals that were supposed to be involved and they never even heard of it. A lot of smoke was out there this year."
Of course, that doesn't rule out any post-draft trades.
"I think it'll get very active from here on out, I really do," Bird said. "I think the reporters can start fresh and maybe they'll be accurate half the time now."
Can't say that I have any expectations for Stanko. The Pacers track record with European bigs not named Smits is less than stellar. With the option of taking a chance and doing nothing, I'm at least grateful the Pacers took a chance on future success.