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Just Enjoying NBA Draft Eve

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As schultz950 reported here yesterday, Larry Joe Legend has his sights set on some draft day activity. Not necessarily trading JO either.

"Will we try to get in the draft?" Bird said. "We probably will. We've had a lot of discussion about it. A lot of calls, but we like our core of young players, and so does everybody in the league. They're trying to get them for draft picks, and we don't know if we want to go that route."
Picking up a late first round or early second round pick may cost a young player, say David Harrison. Should be interesting on draft night but a deal like that won't have much immediate impact on the floor for the Pacers.

With all of the big trade rumors floating around the league, the draft forces teams to show their hands. No more bluffing, everybody's all in. Time to show what you got. Ahh, you gotta love the draft.