Pacers Pre-Draft Conference

I know this actually sounds stupid but I attended a Pacers Pre-Draft Press Conference with Bird today.  Problem is, as you all know the Pacers don't even have a draft choice.  

Bird didn't give up much.  He was mostly asked his impressions on Oden/Durant, what he thought about the Indiana kids (Conley/McRoberts/Landry, etc.) and junk questions like that.

He didn't say much about the J.O. trade rumors.  He said that the team wasn't actively "shopping" Jermaine but they were listening to offers.  

Bird said there's a 50/50 shot they get back into the draft and they're trying both at a 2nd and 1st round pick.  He also GUARANTEED that the Pacers would land a shooter sometime this offseason either via free agency or draft (if they do indeed get back in it).  

Just thought I'd share that with you all.  I know, not really much inside information of substance....sorry.