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Can't Discount Players Value in Change

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Mike Wells posted more comments from O'B that didn't make the cut for the Q & A that ran in the paper. With all the craziness in the past, it seemed (let me emphasize, "seemed") like the Pacers acquiesced to the players attitude or action just to avoid adding more drama. O'B plan to change that attitude and throw the responsibility for being a pro back on the players.

Star: Will the players have a better attitude and demeanor next season?

O'Brien: I think that we're going to work hard. We've all heard the adages. One of them is the harder you work, the more difficult it is to surrender. When people work hard and people work together and players have a sense they are being pushed and drilled and they're prepared, then there won't be any surrendering. If there is, we've got the wrong players.
Unfortunately, getting rid of players who aren't on board is easier said than done.

I had to chuckle last night at the Indiana/Kentucky All-Star game. During an intermission between the girls and boys game the boys and I wandered into the Pacers gift shop. They had a rack on the wall with retro J.O. jerseys and t-shirts at 25% off. Do they know something we don't?