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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: First Round Recap

Huge thanks to all of the bloggers involved in the SBNation NBA Mock Draft. With Round One complete I turn over the Round Two draft hosting duties to Bullets Forever.

Here is a full recap of Round One. Click on the player name for more information on the pick.

  1. PORTLAND-Greg Oden (Blazers Edge)
  2. SEATTLE-Kevin Durant (Sonics Central)
  3. ATLANTA-Al Horford (Impending Firestorm)
  4. MEMPHIS-Mike Conley (Clips Nation's mp)
  5. BOSTON-Yi Jianlian (Green Bandwagon)
  6. MILWAUKEE-Brandan Wright (With Malice)
  7. MINNESOTA-Corey Brewer (I Heart KG)
  8. CHARLOTTE-Al Thornton (Charlotte Blogcat)
  9. CHICAGO-Spencer Hawes (Blog-A-Bull)
    TRADE: San Antonio trades Luis Scola and the 28th and 33rd picks to Sacramento for the 10th pick.
  10. SAN ANTONIO-Acie Law (Pounding the Rock)
  11. ATLANTA-Javaris Crittenton (Impending Firestorm)
  12. PHILADELPHIA-Jeff Green (Passion and Pride)
  13. NEW ORLEANS-Julian Wright (Bullets Forever's JakeTheSnake)
    TRADE: Phoenix trades the 24th and 29th selections to the LA Clippers for the 14th selection.
  14. PHOENIX-Joakim Noah (Bright Side of the Sun)
  15. DETROIT-Nick Young (Detroit Bad Boys)
  16. WASHINGTON-Jason Smith (Bullets Forever)
    TRADE: Washington sends Brendan Haywood to Charlotte for Othella Harrington and the 22nd selection.
    TRADE: Washington sends the 22nd and 47th selections to New Jersey for the 17th selection.
  17. WASHINGTON-Derrick Byars (Bullets Forever)
  18. GOLDEN STATE-Thaddeus Young (Golden State of Mind)
  19. LA LAKERS-Rodney Stuckey (Forum Blue and Gold)
  20. MIAMI-Tiago Splitter (I Want to Be A Sports Agent)
  21. PHILADELPHIA-Josh McRoberts (Passion and Pride)
  22. NEW JERSEY-Morris Almond (Hooplah...Nation)
  23. NEW YORK-Sean Williams (Posting and Toasting)
  24. LA CLIPPERS-Marco Benielli (Clips Nation)
    TRADE: Utah trades the 25th pick to Seattle for the 31st and 35th selections.
  25. SEATTLE (via Utah)-Petteri Koponen (Sonics Central)
    TRADE: Houston trades the 26th selection, Shane Battier, Luther Head, and Bob Sura to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson.
  26. NEW JERSEY-Kyrylo Fesenko (Hooplah...Nation)
  27. DETROIT-Daequan Cook (Detroit Bad Boys)
  28. SACRAMENTO-Rudy Fernandez (Sactown Royalty)
  29. LA CLIPPERS-Gabe Pruitt (Clips Nation)
  30. PHILADELPHIA-Glen Davis ( Passion and Pride)