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Nothing is Getting Exciting

It sure has been quiet around the Pacers lately. The Kobe Bryant freakshow has smothered rumors about J.O. leaving the Pacers. Talk is now centered on Kobe possibly leaving L.A. instead of J.O. joining Kobe in L.A. Meanwhile, Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest marched through a few local media cycles, keeping a bright light on former instead of current Pacers. The draft is next week, so any rumored deals should begin being put into action if they are actually going to happen.

So, with all of the silence billowing out of the Pacers camp, I'm starting to get the feeling a deal of some sort will indeed go down sometime between now and the last pick in the draft. Who? What? When? Where? I have no idea and that's just how Larry Joe Legend likes it. There is just way to much "nothing" going on for LJL and the Pacers not to be up to something.