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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: TRADE!

2007 NBA Mock Draft

Houston Rockets

Ryan from Hoops Addict and Thum Chee Hang from Hooplah.. Nation announce a trade between the Rockets and Nets! We'll begin with TCH.
The Houston Rockets trade the 26th pick, Shane Battier, Luther Head and Bob Sura (to be waived) to the New Jersey Nets for the soon to be married Richard Jefferson.

The reason for the trade? The Nets have to win, NOW! and so to make Jason Kidd's tenure here at NJ a worthwhile stay, the reason for the trade is that Battier could come in and provide us a guy who can guard the other team's best scorer.

In Head, a guy who gives the bench another scoring option and also someone who can score in a hurry.

In Sura, a guy just to make the salaries match. This is a total gamble to bring a championship over to NJ, It's either title or rebuild, I do hope that Jason's final years of running with the team is rewarded hence the trade.
Ryan lays out his rationale from the Rockets side.
Not going to lie, I made this deal because "glue guys" like Battier don't really translate to the 'net and these kinds of deals. I wanted to have a PG tandem of Alston/James rolling with a starting unit of T-Mac, Jefferson and Yao Ming. The Rockets have their mid-level exception to snare a PF (Mikki Moore?) and they can also re-sign Chuck Hayes to do the dirty work (clean the glass and play tough D). Parting with Luther Head was tough but something Rockets fans know is that the future isn't guaranteed - look at what happened with Ralph Sampson and The Dream - so when I had the chance to add an All-Star to play alongside Yao and T-Mac (who is one back injury away from retiring) I had to jump at the opportunity.

Next up: New Jersey Nets