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Nice Game, LeBron. Now What?

LeBron James had the signature game of his very young career last Thursday. So, now what? How will he back up that sick effort which included the final 25 points of the game? How will his teammates react tonight? Will they try like hell to give 'Bron some help or will they tread lightly and see if 23 can do it all, again? Will LeBron ride the confidence from Thursday night to put away the Cavs nemisis and march strong toward San Antonio? Is this the beginning of the LeBron era we knew would arrive? had a panel discuss where LeBron's Thursday night effort ranked among the all-time great performances in the NBA. Since it wasn't a series-deciding or championship-deciding game, I think it is too early to pass judgement on the magnitude of the performance. If the Cavs don't get past the Pistons, it is merely a great game. If LeBron backs that effort up with more heroics tonight and then goes out and leads the Cavs past the Spurs, well then it becomes THE LeBron milestone game. The performance where LeBron officially raised his game to an elite level and any doubts about his ability or decision-making were forever erased. That legacy could take another step tonight. Can't wait to watch.