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Daily Trade Report

Another day, another round of trade talk. Adrian Wojnarowski leans on a source who has contacted both the Lakers and Pacers to further the J.O. to L.A. speculation.

A source who has spoken with Los Angeles Lakers G.M. Mitch Kupchak and Pacers G.M. Larry Bird says that the conversations about a Jermaine O'Neal-for-Andrew Bynum-and-Lamar Odom trade have accelerated in recent days, undoubtedly a reaction to Kobe Bryant's four-day tirade.

"I wouldn't be surprised if this got done by the draft," the source said.
Again, Bynum is included in the speculation. That's what I like to read (cue pookeyguru).

Meanwhile, Mark Montieth blogs a case to keep Jamaal Tinsley. After hearing O'B explain his style, I too, thought Tinsley could light it up in that system. Monteith tells us to forget the style of play and look at the style of coach instead.
Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker and Allen Iverson all played at peak levels under O'Brien, luxuriating in the freedom he allowed, although it came with the demand of aggressive defense attached. Tinsley is no Pierce or Iverson (although he might be a Walker), but the point is that O'Brien is not afraid to let players utilize their talent. If he coaches Tinsley, he won't handcuff him with ever-changing play calls and rigid structure, although he won't give him the keys to the car on every drive downcourt, either.

Despite public impressions of Tinsley, people around the team on a regular basis will tell you he cares more than he lets on. Why he doesn't let on more often is a mystery, not to mention a fault. But give him a coach _ O'Brien, for example _ who shoots straight with him and he'll respond. Like most kids who grew up on the streets, he doesn't deal well with people of a political nature, and he's seen plenty of that in his six seasons with the Pacers.

Make no mistake, Tinsley can be reached. His coach at Mt. San Jacinto, John Chambers, did it. So did his coach at Iowa State, Larry Eustachy. In fact, the story of Tinsley's decision to go to Iowa State speaks volumes.

He took his recruiting visit on a night when the Cyclones played a nationally televised game with Missouri. They stunk it up and Eustachy blistered his players at halftime and after the game. Tinsley saw it all firsthand, yet still committed.
Don't read this as an excuse for Tinley's lack of development over the past few years. He's a pro, so he has to be held responsible careless turnovers and poor decisions regardless of the coach or style of play. Plus, combine that lack of improvement with his nightlife exploits and Tinsley's value on the trade market can't be too high. If O'B can bring the best out of Tinsley then more power to him and LJL was right, O'B will be the right coach at the right time.