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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 26

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 26

New Jersey Nets
Chosen by: Hooplah.. Nation
PF/C, Ukraine, 20

Thum Chee Hang from Hooplah.. Nation selects Kyrylo Fesennko for the Nets. TCH explains jumping up to grab the big.
With the 26th pick of the SB Nation Mock Draft, the New Jersey Nets select Kyrylo Fesenko from Ukraine, The Nets always have good international scouting experience and if Fesenko really is what he's advertised, a good offensive rebounder with a knack for dunking, then the Nets are in good shape, but of course, there is also a chance where things could go wrong, in that case the team could still snug him over at Europe for a couple of years and bring him back later ala Krstic. So it's a win-win pick for the Nets, unless of course he comes back and turns into Zoran Planninic.

With the last two picks coming from Finland and Ukraine, I'm wondering if this morphed into the NHL draft and nobody told me. Finals ratings be damned, the NBA is a global force reaching all corners of the planet!

Next up: Detroit Pistons