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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 23

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 23

New York Knicks
Chosen by: Posting and Toasting
PF, Boston College, Sr.

Seth from Posting and Toasting selects Sean Williams for the Knicks. Seth is no dummy, he knows a blogger-friendly draft pick when he sees one and gets a jump start with his analysis.
With the 23rd pick in the SB Nation and Friends NBA Mock Draft, the Knicks select Sean "Chong" Williams from Boston College. The Knicks could use a shooter (Almond was my top choice, and I'm a little hesitant to pass on Belinelli), but they will also benefit from having a shot-blocking specialist to spell Eddy Curry. Chong's issues both on the court (focus) and off the court (the herb) make him a bit of a risk, but we've already got Rowdy Randolph Morris as a steady prospect. Whatever. I already regret passing on Belinelli but I don't feel like typing up another explanation paragraph.
So, there you have it, the first admitted case of draft pick remorse. Did Seth really let Belinelli go because he didn't want to write another paragaph? I think there's a deep, dark place in the back of Seth's mind that is haunted by the ghost of Frederic Weis. Hmmm.

Next up: Los Angeles Clippers (via trade with Suns)