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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 22

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 22

New Jersey Nets
Chosen by: Hooplah.. Nation
SG, Rice, Sr.

Thum Chee Hang from Hooplah.. Nation feels like a nut, so with much joy he selects Morris Almond for the Nets. Sorry, this draft is making me delirious since I'm trying to pretend none of these players would help the Pacers. I'll let TCH finish off this pick
After seeing Tiago Splitter and Josh McRoberts (my backup draftee) getting drafted, and instead of picking bigs who has risks written all over them, I've decided to draft the best player available.

So, With the 22nd pick in the SB Nation (and friends) Mock Draft, The New Jersey Nets select Morris Almond from Rice, assuming Eddie House is taking off to another city, Almond comes in ready to contribute and take over the void left by House, he can also strengthen the team's depth in the backcourt, and seeing how the team struggles shooting three pointers, Almond's range would be a nice addition to the team.

I hope this plan of mine would not backfire and burn myself in the butt.

Next up: New York Knicks