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Stephen 'Sweet Plea' Jackson Avoids Jail Time

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Stephen Jackson avoided a trial and jail time for his part in the Club Rio melee when his lawyers reached a plea agreement with prosecutors today. Here's the essentials.

Jackson, 29, who now plays for the Golden State Warriors, is scheduled to plead guilty and be sentenced at 11 a.m. Wednesday in Marion Superior Court. According to a plea agreement filed in court, he will admit the most serious charge, felony criminal recklessness, for firing his gun into the air before and after another participant hit Jackson with his car.

If the judge accepts his guilty plea, Jackson will receive 100 hours of community service at Christamore House and pay a $5,000 fine. A one-year jail sentence will be fully suspended, and prosecutors have agreed to convert the Class D felony into a misdemeanor conviction, since it is Jackson's first felony.
Sounds like "Dino" Wilford  isn't real happy that he's sitting in jail while Jack walks. Yes, Jack had the best defense lawyers money could buy for his case, but the charges weren't equitable. Jack fired his gun in the air and thankfully all of the bullets returned to the ground safely, without hitting anyone. Was Jack lucky? Yes. But "Dino" hopped in his car and drove into Jack, so the intent and outcome of Dino's actions were far more severe.

Whatever. Why am I going through this again? I guess I'm still seeking closure to the Jack era and to a greater extent the post-brawlcolyptic fallout era that, three years later, is not complete. Hopefully, the fact that Jack's plea lessened his charge to a misdemeanor will help him avoid any major ramifications for violating his absurd probation in Michigan for charges related to the brawl.