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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 16

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 16

Washington Wizards
Chosen by: Bullets Forever
C, Colorado State, Jr.

Mike from Bullets Forever selects Jason Smith for the Wizards, but not before negotiating a trade with details that make my head hurt. I'll let Mike explain.
Okay, so a couple trades are still being finalized.

The Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats are finalizing a trade that sends Brendan Haywood to the Bobcats for Othella Harrington and the 22nd overall pick.

Provided that deal is finalized (we both agreed on it, it just needs to be double-checked), the Wizards will trade the rights to the 22nd pick and the 47th pick to the New Jersey Nets for the rights to the 17th pick.

My understanding is that even though the same pick can't be traded twice on draft day, once the player is selected, he's fair game.

With that in mind, I might as well select 16, because the and let thechips fall where they may.

With the 16th pick in the SB Nation (and friends) NBA Mock Draft, the Washington Wizards select Jason Smith from Colorado State University.

The Wizards will likely be on the clock again, but for now, let's stop it until the first trade is finalized.
Hugh from The Charlotte Blogcats/ Bobcats Planet confirms that the first part of the Wizards trade is a done deal.
Speaking on behalf of Michael Jordan and new President of Player Personnel/flunkie Buzz Peterson, the Bobcats accept the offer of Brendan Haywood for our 22nd pick and the old but useless Othella Harrington.

Brendan Haywood is not only stronger than Primoz Brezec, he could probably EAT Primoz Brezec like a 7' party sub. Further, now that he'll be a divisional rival with blood enemy Etan Thomas, they'll actually be ENCOURAGED to fight each other--and Haywood can start it by telling Thomas that his poetry has always sucked.

I love this game!

Next up: New Jersey Nets (for now)