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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 9

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 9

Chicago Bulls
Chosen by: Blog-A-Bull
C, Washington, Fr.

Matt from Blog-A-Bull selects Spencer Hawes for the Bulls. There was rampant speculation that this pick would be traded, but in the end Matt went with the multifaceted big man, as he explains.
The Bulls need size, Hawes is a legit 7-footer. The Bulls need post scoring, and Hawes projects that role. All indications are that Hawes has the skills, just not yet the physical maturity to fully contribute at the NBA level. But this isn't just reaching for anybody who's big, Hawes is still very young and full of potential. Firmly entrenched as a playoff team, the Bulls can afford to wait on him and find veteran frontcourt help through free agency and trades, but it seems that even as a rookie his scoring ability will come in handy more and more asthe season goes along.
As a Washington alum, this one stings a bit. Since Hawes dealt with injury and illness during his Freshman year, Husky fans rarely saw his full game on display. But, he has an array of offensive post moves and when his buttery-smooth little hooks with either hand are going, his game is a thing of beauty.

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