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Waiting on Game 4 and Pick 6

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While we wait on the next pick, here are some items of interest for Pacer fans:

  • The Rick Carlisle to Seattle talk naturally resurfaced after the announcement that he won't have a front office role with the Pacers. Carlisle quickly denied the rumor. He has other options whether they be coaching, announcing, or just hanging with the family. I hope he chooses the latter. That way when he's bored after the NBA season starts, he can register on Indy Cornrows as 'O'Bsux' and begin ripping every coaching move after each Pacer loss. Might not be the healthiest way to go for RC, but I'd sure enjoy it.

  • For those who enjoyed watching Greg Oden at Lawrence North, check out this interview with Oden's family friend/agent, Mike Conley, Sr. on ESPN's Daily Dish podcast hosted by Henry Abbott of True Hoop.

  • If the NY press and Zeke are talking about updgrading the Knicks, you know J.O.'s name is in the mix.

  • Mark Montieth posted an item the other day suggesting the Pacers look to a couple of Indiana shooting legends to help improve the shooting touch of the current Pacers. Great idea, I'd especially like to see Rick Mount involved with the Pacers. Although, wouldn't it be easier to add some good shooters to the roster?

  • Finally, congratulations to Brenda Drook who has been named head coach of the Hebron High School boys varsity basketball team. Hebron is a Class A blip on the map in NW Indiana and certainly not a basketball power house, but if Coach Drook and her team are successful you can bet we'll be hearing from them again.