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SBNation NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 5

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 5

Boston Celtics
Chosen by: Green Bandwagon
PF, China, 22

Jim from Green Bandwagon selects Yi Jianlian for the Celtics. It wasn't easy channeling Danny Ainge but Jim did his best.
This is a moment that has been building since David Stern sent Adam Silver to do his dirty work on May 22nd. Kidding. However, there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding the C's pick. Would they trade it for a veteran that everyone seems to agree they need, yet nobody is quite able to name? Would they satisfy a growing segment of their fan base by drafting Corey Brewer? Playing the role of Danny Ainge I considered numerous courses of action. I even had a deal for one All Star forward on the table. However, the trade would have cost the C's the three assets they are most likely to deal. That's a lot in a deal that had a few concerns. I also strongly considered drafting Brewer in the hope that Ainge would stumble upon this mock draft and follow suit. Alas, in the unlikely event that Ainge did read Green Bandwagon, there is a far greater chance that I would have a libel suit on my hands. So in the end I drafted Yi Jianlian. Because why try to appease the fans at this point? I will now watch YouTube videos of Yi in an attempt to talk myself in to the pick. And yes I would feel better if YouTube user sime0n chose "Ride or Die", "Thunderstruck", or really any song that does not include the line, "I want you and you're beautiful." But that's just me.
So, the Yi Movement stops in Boston and this draft is officially ON! Highly coveted and tradeable assets are off the board. The "movement" of the last three picks may not be over, but at what cost?

Next up: Milwaukee Bucks