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Carlisle Officially Done with Pacers

Best of luck to Rick Carlisle in his future endeavors. The Pacers and Carlisle officially parted ways today by announcing Carlisle will not return to the front office as the Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.

"I met with both Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh last Friday and expressed my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to come back next year in a front office capacity, but felt it was better for both the Pacers and myself to part ways at this time," he said in the e-mail. "Jim O'Brien and Dick Harter are great basketball men who I respect and have worked with before, and they will do an outstanding job with this team going forward."
This is the only way to go for both parties. As I've said before, you can't completely change the culture around the team if the old coach is still hanging around. As for Carlisle, he can move on to other opportunities. He's under consideration for the Sonics job and if that job doesn't come through he can always parlay his successful stint as an ESPN analyst into a full time gig.