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SBN NBA Mock Draft: Pick No. 2

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 2

Seattle SuperSonics
Chosen by: SonicsCentral
SF, Texas, Fr.

With Oden and Durant at the top of the draft, the Supes don't have to spend much time or effort on the first round. So with Oden gone, Brian from SonicsCentral quickly nabs Kevin Durant for the Sonics. After thoroughly scrutinizing the no. 2 pick, Brian provide this spot on analysis: NO BRAINER

Fortunately the Supes don't have to spend much time on draft prep since they have more pressing issues. Let me lend my voice to the Save Our Sonics lobby. Don't leave Seattle, Sonics (I'm talking to you Mr. Bennett)!

UPDATE: According to Brian, Durant will be just the first of several potential off-season moves.
With Greg Oden off the board the Sonics go with the unquestioned #2 talent on the board. Durant is a special player whom the team will immediately begin to build its roster around.

This selection immediately creates question marks regarding the future of Sonics forward Rashard Lewis. While they are willing to keep both players the team immediately begins to entertain offers for Lewis. Additionally they let it be known that they are willing to put together a package for another top 20 pick to address their PG position.

Next up: Atlanta Hawks