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Tony and Crew Whack Cavs

While Tony Soprano lives on as a tortured mob boss, the Cavs days are numbered as contenders for the 2007 NBA championship. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and the rest of the Spurs whacked the Cavs early in Game 2 and spent the rest of the game disposing of the body. Sure the Cavs showed some signs of life in the fourth quarter, but the Spurs never felt threatened. It was tough to watch and surely any Sopranos viewers who tuned in after the show probably didn't stay long.

I've heard of the triangle offense and the classic pick and roll, but could someone tell me what type of offense the Cavs run? For the first two minutes it was, LeBron, take it to the rack. When foul trouble put LeBron on the bench, the Cavs looked every bit like your average, run of the mill, Eastern Conference team. I'd love to see the X and Os for what Cleveland is trying to accomplish on offense because it just seems like if you can get an open shot or drive take it, otherwise someone else run around until they get the ball and then it is their turn. All credit to the Spurs, because they've obviously disrupted any actual plays the Cavs are tyring to run.

It will take a lot of home cooking and friendly whistles to get the Cavs back in this series and even that may not be enough.