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Scrounging for News

In case you missed it last week, here's audio from O'B's interview on the WIBC morning show. Most of the info from O'B we've heard before. One new bit of info was his intention to meet with each player individually to begin setting expectations for each player and the team as a whole. I assume he's through most of those interviews by now. It sure would be nice to get some player reaction.

The Indy Star has two great writers covering the Pacers but they haven't had an article on the Pacers for five days. Mike Wells did throw up a blog post today with some nuggets of info. We learn that Carlisle may still join the Pacers front office and an announcement will be made soon. Maceo Baston will opt out to become a restricted free agent. And the Pacers will add Jay DeFruscio to the coaching staff. I really wish the Star would free Wells and Montieth and give the Pacers some space in the paper.