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Waiting on Game 2

Actually, what I'm waiting on is some offense from the Cavs. I will say, several times this year the Cavs seemed clueless and headed for a tailspin, only to quickly turn things around and start winning, again. Of course, they didn't have to turn things around against the Spurs. Still, I'm holding out hope for a bounce-back game from the Cavs. A win would make things even more intriguing. Here are a couple of items of interest while waiting for the tip:

  • While it has been quiet on the J.O. to the Lakers rumor front, that doesn't mean talk is dead. Marc Spears has been listening to NBA insider chatter while in San Antonio. His Denver Post blog mentions that the J.O. trade rumors are still hot. (hat tip: hoopshype
    *While it's not completed, rumors are heating up that chances of Indiana forward Jermaine O'Neal being dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers via trade seem to be getting stronger by the day as both teams have been talking regularly.

  • Game 1 had a surpisingly low television rating. I figured LeBron would have enough juice to pull a better rating. I guess he still has a way to go on that whole global icon thing. If Game 1 didn't attract a good number, tonight's game won't be much better. Those that suffered through that Game 1 performance and aren't NBA fanatics, may look for something else to watch. Oh, and in case you missed it (tic), The Soprano's series finale is tonight. Don't worry, I'll watch the game for you.