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Pacers Have a Plan to Score Points

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We know about the Suns' Seven Seconds or Less theory, the 8 Seconds Saloon (when is that trial anyway?), and three in the key, but OB will familiarize us with the three-seconds rule. Mark Montieth lays out OB's plan to run when the opportunity is there and if it that opportunity doesn't exist only then will the players will run a half court set.

"Make or miss, if you get the ball across halfcourt in three seconds, we're playing basketball," O'Brien said Thursday after being introduced as the Pacers' new coach. "It's not going to be set offense.

"Everyone in the NBA is so well prepared to stop your set offense that you have to push the ball."
During the presser and other interviews, OB made a point to mention that he is not tied to a specific style of play. He's not pulling out play cards for every possession a la Carlisle, nor is he pushing his players to run at all cost like Phoenix. In essence, he's looking for his team to be able to adapt and play either way depending on the situation.
O'Brien said he'll call plays to try to exploit mismatches when fast-break opportunities are not available but hopes he doesn't have to make a habit of it.

"If you're not one of the guys I'm calling (a play for) every time down court, there's a real drive to get across halfcourt in three seconds," O'Brien said. "If you don't get across in three seconds, you don't have a fast break."
So, just who will be on the floor to execute this game plan? While it certainly sounds appealing, I can't imagine Jermaine O'Neal suddenly wanting to stay, especially with the trade rumors that have been circulating. Hard to blame him. I mean, what sounds more appealing to you, playing alongside Danny Granger for Jim O'Brien in Indy or playing alongside Kobe Bryant for Phil Jackson in L.A.? That's what I thought.