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"Johnny Davis for Coach" Campaign Starts Up

On primary election day, it's only fitting that Johnny Davis threw his hat in the ring to be the next head coach of the Pacers. J.D. came out with some heavy campaign rhetoric to make it known he is ready and willing to take over.

"I'm young enough," the 51-year-old Davis said. "I'd like to do it. A lot of it is fitting into the right situation. I certainly would be interested in being the head coach here."
"Rick does a tremendous job of controlling the tempo," Davis said. "I'm more of an up-tempo coach, but I can certainly see that there are times when you need to control the game."
"We're not that far away as a team," Davis said. "We got right down to the wire in terms of making or missing the playoffs."
"This is a first-class organization," Davis said. "Anyone who gets an opportunity to coach here would do themselves a favor to accept. It is a model franchise."
Davis is in a tough spot since he was around for this crazy season. It just feels like a fresh start with a new staff would be a better way to go. It depends on what direction Larry Joe Legend really wants to go. I view Sam Mitchell as more of a safe choice than an inspired choice. If Mitchell stays in Toronto or (gasp!) goes elsewhere, Johnny Davis would be an extremely safe choice. Me? I'm hoping for a little more inspiration out of the coaching choice, a guy that will reset the team's direction, lead, and draw out the best in the available talent. Is that too much to ask?