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Is J.O. Really Making Demands?

Sam Smith reports that Jermaine O'Neal has demanded a trade to the Knicks which seems a little dramatic if you ask me.

Option B is said to be Indiana's Jermaine O'Neal. But sources say O'Neal already has told the Pacers he wants to be traded to the Knicks and former Pacers coach and close friend Isiah Thomas. Would the Pacers take Stephon Marbury or maybe a package with Steve Francis, Jared Jeffries and Channing Frye and the Bulls' first-round pick, which the Knicks own in the swap?
J.O. "demanding" a trade just sounds petulant. Especially since I'm sure J.O. and Larry Joe Legend have discussed the issue plenty. I'm sure LJL would accomodate J.O.'s wishes for the right deal.

Smith's speculation doesn't have anything of interest coming back to Indy. Just what the Pacers need, more big contracts for dicey players. The Knick faithful aren't so sure they want anything to do with J.O. either. That's the problem with trading J.O., he's probably not going to bring as much in return as most people expect. Considering he has problems playing more than 70 games and is coming off a knee injury it shouldn't be a surprise. But he does have an option to leave after next year, so letting J.O. play it out and take that option after next year would be better than dealing him now and locking the team into more long term contracts that overpay talent.

At least the rumor mill is grinding away. It should be an interesting few weeks leading up to the draft.