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Vecsey Keeps Pushing J.O. to L.A.

Peter Vecsey has his story on the possible Lakers/Pacers deal in today's NY Post. Here's how the deal began to germinate in classic Vecsey-ese:

Within the last week, the Pacers and Lakers have laid the groundwork for a trade that would certainly placate both sorrowful All-Stars. L.A. inquired about O'Neal - another fake franchise player pocketing maximum money on the prowl for someone to save him from losing. And was told he was available. Indiana let it be known the Lakers have ample assets (players and/or picks) to make a fair deal.
Lamar Odom has to be involved because of the numbers but Andrew Bynum better be included or the Pacers won't have much to show for J.O. Of course, there could be more deals to come or more teams involved. I think it is too much to ask for Tinsley to be involved in this also. Vecsey is actually treading pretty lightly (for him) with this information. While many discout Vecsey's info, he has a pretty solid track record with speculation involving the Pacers and this story is huge so I'm willing to give it ample consideration.