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O'Brien Announcement Links

Here's the Pacers press release announcing O'Brien's hiring. LJL efficiently sums up his reasoning behind the hire.

"We're very happy to have Jim as the new coach of the Indiana Pacers," said President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird. "After speaking with him the last 10 days, we have a vision of where we want this team to go, from how we are going to practice, to how we are going to play and the style we're going to play. We are on the same page. I believe it is very important to have a coach with experience and I feel Jim is the guy who will take us to the next level."
Hard to imagine LJL and Carlisle were so out of sync, but LJL has hammered the theme of being on the same page with his coach throughout the hiring process. LJL also called O'Brien the "right man for the right job."

You can view the press conference video here.