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Donovan to Magic: Now That's a How to Generate Buzz

What little interest the hiring of Jim O'Brien generated for the Pacers was quickly buried nationally by reports that Billy Donovan is leaving Florida to coach the Magic. I have a feeling that's just fine with Larry Joe Legend. He's not one to play carnival barker and understands it is all about winning games. LJL is highly criticized for his role in the Pacers current situation, but there's no doubt he understands judgements on his decision to hire O'Brien don't mean a thing today.

Now, the Magic will no doubt puff their chests out over landing Donovan. One thing though, I wonder how many Magic fans are also Gator fans. Would they prefer success for the Magic or Gators? Stupid question. Also, to honestly assess each coach right now, you'd have to say the Pacers landed the better NBA coach.

But like I said, assessments in June don't mean a thing.