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J.O. Trade Rumors Continue to Swirl

HoopsHype tagged a couple of J.O. trade rumors yesterday. With Kobe huffing and puffing, rumors of J.O. to L.A. are back with Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown coming to the Pacers. Kwame only has two years of overpayment left, Odom has three. The other rumor has a possible deal with Boston that brings in the #5 pick and Theo Ratliff for J.O. Ratliff also has two years of overpayment left.

Neither of these ideas makes me jump out of my chair, but then again, any deal for J.O. is going to seem anticlimactic because in dealing J.O. the Pacers are looking for youth and/or cap flexibility. It is hard to face up to, but you gotta look long term. We may need a few more pookeyguru pep talks before this is over.

UPDATE: Thanks to pookeyguru for correcting my uncaffeinated salary analysis from this morning. Kwame and Ratliff have ONE year left and Odom has two. Much more appealing, although now Kobe wants to be traded and he really means it so that changes everything. June should be fun.